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How Hard Money Loans Come To Be The Best Alternative for Borrowers There are a lot of people wondering why borrowers would even choose to go for hard money loans if it has high interest rates. People would often come to an immediate assumption that such borrowers could possibly have poor credit records that do not allow them to have any dealings at all with the traditional and many other conventional sources. Hard money lenders exist in a way that they do not limit the rights of a borrower just because these borrower may be in a specific situation such as bankruptcy, poor credit, short sale, divorce, and foreclosure. There are also quite a lot of factors that can be considered to determine if the borrower will still be able to apply for a private money loan. Easy Funding for a Time Sensitive Loan If you go to conventional financial institutions and banks, you may expect to be able to close a loan in 90 days or sometimes even longer because of the strict rules and regulations that these institutions needs to follow. The best thing about hard money lenders is that they can process the loan in just less than seven days.
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One of the best things about private money lending is that its committee process and guidelines are quite flexible enough and you won’t have to worry about getting to deal with a lot of paperwork as you would in a bank or other institution. If you do it the conventional way, you will have to give some confidential financial information and they would need you to complete a lot of paperwork formalities in order to make sure that such loan can be approved as soon as they possibly could. A hard money lender would only tend to direct their focus on one aspect of the loan but with banks, you will have to give them your financial conditions, credit score, and job security among others. The Flexibility It Offers Can Solve Your Problem Hard money lenders are known to be quite innovative when it comes to complex loan situations. You will be offered with a lot more flexible terms than you can have with traditional lenders, or you can choose cross-collateralization of other properties. There may be a lot of issues regarding a property which would make it quite a difficult task for a conventional lender to finance such as the need for a building to be improved in a way that it would increase the occupancy, or partially completed constructions, medical emergencies, family issues, unemployment, etc. The Profit Of Return on Investment You may have already known of the saying that time is money. Most of the borrowers may have a goal that they need to achieve whenever they search for a loan and an example would be the speed of having their loans funded. They are focused more on making a profit and private money lenders can offer them the time and smoothness of the process which is a lot more important than the higher cost that is involved in financing.